Altın Safran International Documentary Movie Festival | Documentary Contest
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Documentary Contest

Altın Safran

Documentary Movie Contest

Film Contest

Application Form

The main theme of the workshop is “Cultural Heritage and Protectionism” and the side theme is “Culture of Neighborhood”. The competition is organized in two categories as Professional and Amateur Documentary Film. Participants specify in which category they are participating in the competition. Student work is evaluated in the category of Amateur Documentary Film. The participation conditions are the same for both categories.

The application steps for the contest are as follows;
Please fill in the online form next to the form for pre-application.
After downloading and filling in the application form, you will be given a signed petition signed by Cesme Mah. Şekerci Sok. No: 6 Please send to the address of Safranbolu / KARABÜK.
Click to download the application form.

Calendar and Contact

Deadline for submitting works:                                 08.08.2018
Evaluation of the selection committee:                    11.08.2018
Announcement of results of the competition:        12.08.2018
Award ceremony:                                                         08.09.2018


Safranbolu Municipality Culture and Social Affairs Directorate
Phone: 0370 725 52 52 – 0370 725 52 65
Fax: 0370 725 52 66

Çeşme Mah. Şekerci Sok. No: 6 Tarihi Belediye Binası
Tarihi Çarşı-Safranbolu /KARABÜK






FIRST: 10.000 TL + Altın Safran Award Sculpture
SECOND: 7.000 TL + Altın Safran Award Sculpture
THIRD: 5,000 TL + Altın Safran Award Sculpture

FIRST: 15.000 TL + Altın Safran Award Sculpture
SECOND: 10.000 TL + Altın Safran Award Sculpture
THIRD: 7.000 TL + Altın Safran Award Sculpture


a) In the last four years (2015-2018), productions bearing documentary features may participate in the Film Competition. Participation is free.

b) The productions can participate in the competition on behalf of the director and the application is made by the director. If more than one person directs you, you must get the written consent of the applicant and attach it to the application form. In this case, the award is awarded to the person making the application. The Festival Secretariat and the selection committee are not responsible for the problems that will arise from the award sharing.

c) The productions to be participated in the competition must be sent in DVD format in 8 pieces. On the DVDs, the name of the work, the year of construction, the duration, and the name and surname of the director should be written. If the film is in any language other than Turkish and English, Turkish and English subtitles should be used. In English, only English subtitles should be used.

d) The duration of the productions to participate in the competition should be 30 minutes for the category of Amateur Documentary Film, including start and end credits, and 52 minutes for the Professional category. A 1.5 minute film fragment (filmin brief description) should be sent alongside the filmin. Films that exceed the time limit will not be evaluated.

e) Copies of the films participating in the competition are kept in the Festival archive.

f) The Festival Committee reserves the right to use any non-commercial display of the films participating in the competition. Degree films are shown publicly on Karabük local TVs for promotional purposes and during the festival including Karabük University 3rd April Television. When films are desired to be commercially broadcasted by various television channels after the Festival, the Festival Committee helps to establish a relationship between the producer / director and the television channel.

g) The productions participating in the competition will be evaluated by the members of the Selection Committee. However, the Competition Secretariat has the right to qualify the productions that do not comply with the conditions of the competition before submitting it to the Selection Committee.

h) A total of seven awards will be awarded in the category of Professional and Amateur Documentary Film. The Selection Committee may award a “Jury Special Award” (Golden Saffron Award Sculpture) for the films participating in the competition other than the awards given by explaining the reason, or may not give one or more of the awards again.

i) In the festival, additional special prizes may be given by various persons and organizations whose applications are approved by the Festival Committee. For these additional prizes, the selection of the film shall be determined by the applicant or organization and shall be communicated to the Festival Secretariat reasonably and in writing. In addition, the Festival Selection Committee may request the selection.

j) Application documents for participation in the competition can be obtained from the Festival Secretariat or from the website of the Festival ( Safranbolu International Gold Safran Documentary Film Festival Secretariat Çeşme mah. Şekerci Sok. No: 6 Historical Municipality Building Historical Bazaar will be delivered to Safranbolu / Karabük address.

k) The deadline for submitting to the contest is 08.08.2018 Wednesday.

Those who want to participate in the contest are not allowed to attend the Festival Committee until this date,

– Application form,
– 8 DVD copies of the production, (MPEG FORMATINDA)
– At least one black-and-white or color photo from the movie
– A director’s photo of a passport
– Curriculum vitae of the director (Turkish and English)
– Short summary of Filmin (Turkish and English, maximum 100 words)
– Movie should be delivered with a maximum of 1.5 minutes of trailer