Altın Safran International Documentary Movie Festival | Documentary Contest
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Documentary Film Contest

Documentary Film Contest


To support the documentary film makers and producers, to create an archive which includes elements about Safranbolu, contribute to get indroduced our region.
The Contest is organized in 2 main categories as documentary film.
1. Category:
The theme is ‘Cultural Heritage and Conservation’ and will be realized in 2 sub-categories: Professional and Amateur.

2. Category:
It will be held in free category and there is no theme limitation.
Forspecification CLICK HERE.

Calendar and Contact

     Contest Calendar:

Start Date Of The Competition                 : 30.07.2020

Deadline For Participation                        : 30.08.2020 at 17.00 (TSI)

Selective Committee Meeting Date          : 25.09.2020

Preliminary Notification Date                  : 21.09.2020

Award Ceremony                                        : 26.09.2020



Safranbolu Municipality

Directorate of Culture and Social Affairs

Secretariat of the International Golden Saffron Documentary Film Festival

e-mail: Phone: 0370 712 41 14/172-174  Fax: 0370 712 36 42

Yeni Mahalle Sadri Artuç Cad. Safranbolu Belediye Başkanlığı Kat: 6



Category 1


Best Film Award                     :25.000 TL + Golden Saffron Award Statuette

Jury’s Special Award              :15.000 TL + Golden Saffron Award Statuette


Best Film Award                      :15.000 TL + Golden Saffron Award Statuette

Jury’s Special Award               :10.000 TL + Golden Saffron Award Statuette


Suha ARIN Special Award      :7,5.000 TL + Golden Saffron Award Statuette

Category 2

Best Movie Award                   :20.000 TL + Golden Saffron Award Statuette

Jury’s Special Award               :10.000 TL + Golden Saffron Award Statuette


  • Documentaries produced after January 1, 2018 can participate in the contest.


  • Contest helds for amateur, professional and documentary lovers over the age of 18, except for the members of the Festival Committee, Selective Committee, Festival Secretariat and Safranbolu Municipality. Participation is free.


  • The participants should indicate in which category they will participate in the application. Students who will participate in the 1st category will be evaluated in the Amateur category.


  • Participants may apply in the contest with more than one work or in the same category.


  • The works are submitted by the director. If the film is directed by more than one person, the applicant must obtain the written permission of the others and attach it to the application. In this case, the award is given to the applicant. The Festival Committee, the Festival Secretariat and the selective committee are not responsible for the problems arising from the sharing of the award.


  • The productions which have been taken in full HD format (mxf, mov, mp4, etc.) can be participated in the contest.


  • The duration of the works to be included in the contest, including start and finish generics;



Amateur         : 30 minutes (max.)

Professional   : 90 minutes (max.)


Category 2

90 minutes:  (max.)




  • Participants can apply directly to the contest at and They can also reach detailed information via and apply for the contest.


  • Director’s CV (Turkish and English)
  • Brief summary of the film (Turkish and English)
  • Photos from the movie set.(High Resolution)
  • Maximum 1.5 minute trailer of the movie
  • If the film is in any language other than Turkish and English, Turkish and English subtitles must be used. If Turkish, only English subtitles is enough.
  • If deemed necessary, the Festival Secretariat may request documents / information about the director and the work.

Films which do not match criteria will not be evaluated by the selection committee




  • The Festival Committee and the Safranbolu Municipality, which conducts the secretariat, have the right to use in all kinds of screenings of the works awarded in the contest. Within the framework of these rights, Safranbolu Municipality will be able to use the work indefinitely in non- commercial, national and international cultural platforms.



  • Preliminary jury and Selective Committee are determined by the Festival Secretariat.


  • The Selective Committee is composed of experts such as directors, members of the press, critics, producers, actors, artists, academicians, members of cinema-related organizations. On behalf of the Committee, the General Coordinator of the Festival takes part in the selective committee as a natural member and has the right to vote.


  • The preliminary jury presents 7 (seven) documentary films matching the criteria in each category and, jury determines the winners in each category.


  • The decisions of the preliminary jury and the selection committee are not changeable.



  • Cargo, customs, freight and insurance costs arising from participation in the competition belong to the participant.


  • The prizes specified in the specification will be sent to the personal bank account / IBAN numbers to be notified by the Festival Secretariat. In the event that the beneficiaries do not send the Personal Bank Account / IBAN number and the documents and information requested by the regulatory board, the reward price shall expire at the end of 1 (one) year from the date of final notification. In the event of a statute of limitations, the right holder cannot claim any prizes, royalties or the like.


  • With the participation in the contest, all regulations and conditions mentioned in this specification are deemed to have been accepted. The Festival Committee has the authority to decide on all matters not covered by this specification. The Festival Committee reserves the right to make amendments to all matters specified in this specification.


  • Due to the Covid-19 virus, which has become an epidemic all over the world, all the events of the festival (contests, events, movie screening, and award ceremony). If there is, it will be announced by websites of festival and municipality.


The awards will be announced at the awards ceremony on Saturday, September 26, 2020.

Finalists must attend the award ceremony to be held on 26 September 2020. If finalists do not participate, they are obliged to send a representative from the film production team.