Altın Safran International Documentary Film Festival | PHOTO CONTEST
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Photo Contest

Photo Contest

The historical city Safranbolu, which has achieved its daily glory with its own protection, with its splendid Ottoman civil architecture; and again in September 2000 by starting his own festival in the 5th year (2004) and becoming an international organization.

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Photo Contest Prizes

First                                  5000 TL + Altın Safran Prize Statuette

Second                            3000 TL + Altın Safran Prize Statuette

Third                                2000 TL + Altın Safran Prize Statuette

Safranbolu Special Award     1000 TL + Golden Saffron Prize Statuette (photograph only taken in Safranbolu)

Exhibition(maximum 30)


Starting Date                               : 15.07.2019

Deadline for Participation         : 12.09.2019 local Turkish time

Jury Meeting                                : 14.09.2019

Results                                          : 18.09.2019

Award Ceremony and Exhibition Date  : 28.09.2019

Zülfü Yunus ERASLAN
Safranbolu Municipality Directorate of Cultural and Social Affairs
E-mail :
Phone : +90370 725 52 52 – +90370 725 52 65
Fax : +90370 725 52 66
Çeşme Mah. Şekerci Sok. No: 6 Tarihi Belediye Binası
Çarşı-Safranbolu /KARABÜK- TURKEY


  1. Bahadır ACAR   Safranbolu Municipality Directorate of Culture and Social Affairs
  2. Gülcan ACAR   Photograph Artist
  3. Figen KOÇ Photograph Artist
  4. Tahir UZUN   Photo Artist
  5. Hamit YALÇIN Photograph Artist


The jury meets with at least 3 people.


• Participation to the contest is free
• Contest; except Members of the Selection Committee, TFSF representative, the Secretariat of the Competition, staff of Safranbolu Municipality; at least 18 years of age at the application deadline, is open to all professional and amateur photo enthusiasts.
• Each participant a maximum of 5 (four) digital (digital) can participate with color work.
Contestants can use any kind of traditional or modern photographic techniques freely.
• Photographs deemed worthy of a prize, special prize, mention or mention in
previous national orinter national Golden Saffron Photo Contests, can not participate in the 18th
International Gold Saffron Photo Contest. Ruleinfringement is applied to the contrary participant.
• Only the works uploaded from or will be accepted.
Participation by printing, CD / DVD or e-mail will not be accepted.
• Even if the uploaded photos are uploaded in another name, the system will automatically have a
codenumber and enter the jury evaluation with these numbers. The jury cannot see the name of
the workor the participant in any way.
• The participant accepts, declares and under takes that th ework sent to the contest is taken by him,belongs to him completely and all permissions are taken. The participant who makes all kinds of interventions and changes on the photo sent to the contest to pretend that the work is not his own and mislead these lective committee is subject to violation of the rules.
• Winners are obliged to state their awards in all publicity and promotion all materials at
national and international platforms.
• The award of the violators is canceled and their place is left empty.
If the winners act in contradiction with this declaration and acceptance, the award, titles and all kinds of achievement are with drawn.
• The awards, exhibition, title and all achievements won by the participant determined to have violated the rules are with drawn.
Awards and / or exhibitions are canceled. Their place is left blank. If prize has been given, it must be returned. This cancellation does not entitle other contestants who have received and / or who have not been awarded.
• The prizes specified in the specification will be sent to the personal bank account / IBAN numbers to be notified by the Festival Secretariat. In the event that the beneficiaries do not send the Personal Bank Account / IBAN number and the documents and information requested by the regulatory board, there ward prices all expire at the end of 1 (one) year from the date of final notification. In the event of a statute of limitations, the right holder cannot claim any prizes, royalties or the like.
• Previously or simultaneously with this competition, the photos that have been awarded and the images of these photos that contain differences in the frame cannot participat in the contest.
The fact that the photograph has been exhibited and published outside of the photo contest does not constitute an obstacle for participation in the contest. If it is revealed that the photograph has
been awarded before or at the same time in any competition, a violation of the rules will be
applied to the participant.

Copyrights – Use of the Photographs:

• Awarded (medal & mention) and accepted photographs will be kept at Safranbolu Municipality archives. Safranbolu Municipality will have the right to use these photographs together with Photographer’s name in Publication and copyright fee will not be paid to owner of the photograph.
• At the end of the contest, the works defined in article 21 of the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works no. Reproduction defined in Article 22, dissemination defined in Article 23, representation and representation defined in Article 24;The financial rights of the public with the means of signal, sound and / or image transmission defined in Article 25 will belong to Safranbolu Municipality indefinitely together with the author.
• Safranbolu municipality will able to use and make work use Inside or outside Turkey, Turkish or any other language in the world, including all kinds of social media it deems appropriate environment and specifying the name of the author of any material content (In the case of graphic edits such as photo collages, the author’s name is not available). Fortheworksused in thisway, theowner of theworkshall not revokeanypermissionandsubsequentlyprohibittheuse of his works in theabovewayormakeanycopyrightormaterialand moral claimsforthispermission / consent, irrevocablyaccept, declareandundertake. Safranbolu Municipalitywill not pay anyadditionalcopyrightfeefortheworksgivenabovebytheparticipant. Theright of use of theworksshallbelongtotheowner of theworkand Safranbolu Municipality.
• Safranbolu Municipalitymay ask theparticipantfortheoriginalfiles of thephotosthathavewonawardsand / orexhibitions.
• The people who send their works to the contest represents and agrees that belong to the works themselves. Safranbolu Municipality, allowing their photos of the participants and will not accept any responsibility for the copyright.
• Architecture which is used as an object in the photo, artwork, copyright liability of things like human faces, etc. belong to the participant. The people who send their works permit is required in this regard taken by themselves, the responsibility for all disputes that may arise and declare that they undertake on their own. Safranbolu municipality accepts no responsibility in this regard.
• Awarded (medal & mention) and Accepted photographs will be announced and featured at, www.altinsafran.orgweb sites and Photos that do not receive awards and exhibits in the competition will be deleted after 90 (ninety) days from the date of the Result Announcement Date.
• The photographs will be presented to jury on a monitor with a resolution of 3840 pixels by 2160 pixels with a minimum of 1, a screen with a maximum diagonal of 2.5 meters, or on a 42/55 inch LCD monitor with an ultra HD 4K 3840 pixels by 2160 pixels resolution in a fully demolished saloon.
• Formatters not specified in thespecificationor in caseswhich it is not understood, the Festival Committee Directive on ContestRegulationStandardswillapply.
• Thisspecificationentersintoforcewhenthecontestantsendsthephotos of thecontest. With participation, the participantare deemed to have read and accepted the conditions of this specification.
• Participant do not havetherighttoobjecttotheconditions of thisspecification.
• Festival Management reserves the right to make changes in all the issues specified in this regulation.