Altın Safran International Documentary Film Festival | PHOTO CONTEST
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Photo Contest

Photo Contest

The historical city Safranbolu, which has achieved its daily glory with its own protection, with its splendid Ottoman civil architecture; and again in September 2000 by starting his own festival in the 5th year (2004) and becoming an international organization like himself.

Click to download the Contest Specification.

Photo Contest Prizes

First Place                                  5000 TL + Altın Safran Prize Statue

Second Place                            3000 TL + Altın Safran Prize Statue

Third Place                                2000 TL + Altın Safran Prize Statue

Safranbolu Special Award     1000 TL + Altın Safran Prize Statue
(Only a photo taken in Safranbolu will be given.)

Display(up to 30)


  1. Abdurrahman ANTAKYALI   Photo Artist
  2. Bahadır ACAR   Safranbolu Municipality Directorate of Culture and Social Affairs, TR
  3. Çoşkun ARAL    Documentary Filmmaker and Photo Artist
  4. Dr. Melih Zafer ARKAN  Photographer, Academician
  5. Mustafa SEVEN   Photo Artist


The jury meets with at least 3 people.

Contest Calendar:

Contest Start Date                                              : 08.06.2018

Last Participation Date                                      : 08.08.2018 saat 17.00 (TSI)

Date of the Selection Committee Meeting     : 11.08.2018

Result Notice Date                                              : 13.08.2018

Exhibition Date                                                    : 07.09.2018

Award Ceremony                                                : 08.09.2018


  • Participation in the competition is free.
  • Photographs that have received degrees, special prizes, honorable mentionings or exhibits in previous national or international Golden Saffron Photo Contests can not participate in the 19th International Gold Saffron Photo Contest. Rule violation is applied to the contrary participant.
  • Competition; Apart from the members of the Selective Committee, the Secretariat of the Competition and the Municipality of Safranbolu, is open to all amateur or professional photographers who have completed their 18th year at the deadline.
  • Each participant can participate with up to 4 (four) Digital (Color) works. Competitors can freely use any traditional or modern photographic technique.
  • Only works uploaded at yada will be accepted to the competition. Print, CD / DVD or mail (e-mail) participation will not be accepted.
  • If uploaded photos are uploaded by whatever name, the system will automatically have a code number and these numbers will be used to judge the jury. The jury can not see the work or the participant’s name in any way.
  • The Participant acknowledges, declares and undertakes that the work it has sent to the competition is drawn by itself, is wholly owned by it and all permissions are granted. On the photograph sent to the competition, the violation of the rules is applied to the participant who does not show himself as if he does not belong to him, and who makes all kinds of interventions and amendments to mislead the evaluation board.
  • The prize, exhibition, title and all achievements won by the participant determined to have infringed the rule shall be revoked; the prize and / or exhibition is canceled; the location is left blank. If awarded, the winner must return the award. This cancellation does not give rise to the right to demand for other prize winners and / or winners.


  • Numerical copies of the works that receive the awards and exhibitions in the competition and the presses for the exhibition will be taken to the Safranbolu Municipality archive. Safranbolu Municipality has the right to use these works together with the name of the owner of the works in their publications for the purpose of presentation. No copyright will be paid for the work.
  • Safranbolu Municipality will have the right to use these photographs on exhibitions, albums and catalogs on suitable platforms. For the works used in this way, the owner acknowledges, declares and undertakes that he will not take back his later granted consent and will not refrain from using his works in the above way or will not have any copyright or material or moral requisitions for this permission / consent. Safranbolu Municipality will not be able to pay the copyright fee for the works for the permission / consent given by the participant. The use of the works will be the owner of the works and the Municipality of Safranbolu.
  • The municipality of Safranbolu may ask the participant for the actual files of the photographs winning the prize and / or exhibition.
  • The senders of the competition, the Municipality of Safranbolu, which declared and committed that the works belong to them, shall not accept any responsibility for the permissions and copyrights of the photographs of the participants.
  • The architectural structure, artwork, human face, etc. used as objects in photography belongs to the competitor. The authors of the works declare that they have taken the necessary permits in this matter and declare and undertake that all the responsibilities are their own during the controversies. Safranbolu Municipality accepts no responsibility in this matter.
  • Photographs awarded at the competition will be deleted safranbolu Municipality and Gold Safran Documentary Film Festival Photographs that do not receive awards and exhibitions in the competition will be deleted 90 (ninety) days after the date of the Result Announcement Date.
  • The photographs show the jury is a fully darkened saloon; It will be presented on a screen with a resolution of 3840 pixels by 2160 pixels with a minimum of 1, a screen with a maximum diagonal of 2.5 meters, or a 42/55 inch LCD monitor with ultra HD 4K 3840 pixels by 2160 pixels resolution.
  • In case awardees can not attend the award ceremony, their rewards will be sent to their addresses. Safranbolu Municipality will not bear responsibility if the submitted awards are damaged in the post.
  • The Festival Committee Competition Regulation Standards Directive will be applicable on matters not mentioned in the Charter or in cases that are not understood.
  • Participants; This specification enters into force by sending the contest photographs of the contestant. With participation, competitors have read and accepted the provisions of this specification. Contestants are not entitled to appeal the provisions of this specification.


After the competition, a digital album will be prepared for the awarded and exhibited photographs and will be available for downloading from December2017 and from Safranbolu Municipality’s and the Golden Saffron Documentary Film Festival’s website www.altinsafran.orginternet. It will be held. Also, after the contest, a albümhazırlanırsav award printed where the photo deemed worthy space and merchandising, honorable mention, exhibition areas to the participants, the jury members, TFSF Representative of the TFSF / paft’y to, the Photography Association in Turkey, Balikesir M. Emin Tan Photo Library will be sent to the FIAP centers.


Step 1: participants in the first two character country code should be written to the file name (for Turkey “TR”).

Step 2: Then the name of the owner of the work should be written as a maximum of 5 characters (eg omery, oeril or oeyil for the participant named “Ömer Eril Yılmaz”).

Step 3: The sequence number of the photo must be numbered (from 1 to 4) and an underscore must be added after that (_).

Step 4: The name of the photo after the bottom line should be written so that it does not exceed the total number of characters. For example, “TRmeryDC1_sehir_ve_kultur”, for the photo named “Urban and Culture” of the Turkish participant named “Ömer Eril Yilmaz”

The photographs to be submitted to the competition must be in jpg / jpeg format, 150-300 dpi resolution, 7-12 compression quality, and each photo file should not be less than 2 Mb in size, not more than 4 Mb. The reward (degree, mentions) and original photographs of the exhibits will be requested again before the exhibition.

In case of any mistakes caused by system or user in the process of joining or participating in the contest on the internet, the problem will be resolved shortly and information will be provided to the participant if communication is given via Sending photos to this email address does not involve participation in the contest

Safranbolu Municipality will not be responsible for any problems that may arise from the installation of the works