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Press Release

Cities: A nation, a civilization in history, in history; how they live, what they do and how they do it. Safranbolu is an exemplary city that reflects all the characteristics of traditional Turkish society and protects it in its environmental heritage, which it created in its long history. The success of Safranbolu in preserving its rich cultural heritage city scale has made Safranbolu a “World City” and has become a common heritage of humanity by being included in the “World Heritage List” by UNESCO in 1994.

Süha Arın ‘ın 1976, Golden Orange Award The film “Time in Safranbolu” attracted the attention of all the related institutions and made an example for other cities in protectionism and is an entirely preserved city that has survived to protect the old city constructions in today’s values. . Besides these values ​​Safranbolu; documentary film, as well as the principle of protectionism ‘Cultural Heritage and Protectionism’ in 2000, with the theme of Turkey for the first time, the “Golden Saffron Documentary Film Festival” has been initiated and continued uninterrupted until this day. In 2004, he gained international recognition and enriched participation from various geographies and cultures. Our international festival organized by Safranbolu Municipality; With the contributions of our Ministry of Culture and Tourism, in the competition section; national and international documentary, and is annually trying to introduce our world heritage city with new accents.

2009 year is our 10th year; It is dedicated to Mr. Süha ARIN and one of the rare and oldest structures of Safranbolu, Mektechçiler Mansion was organized as “Süha ARIN Culture and Art Center”. Besides the important and precious items used by the deceased in the professional life with the contributions of the ARIN family, all the library and film production equipments are among the causes of documentary filmmakers and valuable guests coming to Safranbolu. Documentary Film Museum, documentary film archive and Süha Arın Library are in the phase of establishment.

The side of the year 2010 has become “BAMBO CULTURE IN SAFRANBOLU”. Panels and interviews related to the subject were realized, and the unique atmosphere was maintained for all guests with the rush of the bath. In addition, Prof. Sayın. Balkan Naci İSLİMYELİ ‘s “WATER AND MIRROR” Exhibition enriched our festival and met many national and international guests.

Our year 2011; The theme of the festival is “WATER CULTURE”, and in the city where water culture was also included in the historical richness, the festival continued with the activities related to this theme. The historical fountains of Safranbolu have been restored and the water resources have been evaluated to reflect the past culture on this day and re-watering has been provided from the fountains within the scope of the project. Say Sayın again. Hüsamettin KOÇAN ‘IN “ALIN / YAZI” Exhibition has become the focus of interest.

Our year 2012; the side of our festival, which we have organized, is defined as ‘WOODEN WORKING AND WOOD USING’ in Safranbolu. Sayın Mahmut KARATOPRAK The exhibition titled “Potholes of the Titans” attracted intense interest and the interview about “Ahsabın Ruhu” Valuable savings of our wooden craftsmen who have been giving life to Safranbolu houses for many years. Dr. It is shared with Aysen AKPINAR ‘s referrals. In addition, the exhibition of wooden houses by famous photographer Ersin ALOK has attracted great interest. During the festival, during the festival, local and foreign documentaries, which were awarded in our festival and other international documentary festivals, were shown for 10 days in various places of the city. The closing of the festival is the best restored house and Leyla Hanim Mansion has been fulfilled again by encouraging the protection. An historic house constructed within scientific scales will be awarded.

In the past year, we have realized the 14th day of our festival ‘s side theme “TAPU SENEDİ; CEMETER GRANTS ‘. In our festival which we carried out between 06-08 September 2013, historical grave stones in Safranbolu with deep tiles in the cemeteries as well as the city were found, caring and restoration was realized. In addition, the subject is Professor. Dr. Embroidery KARAMAĞARALI, Kadir PEKTAŞ and Lütfiye GÖKTAŞ KAYA were also interviewed.

This year, the 15th of our festival, which we have realized, has been determined as “USTAYA RESPECT”. Interviews on “respect for mastery” have also included our mastery in Ahilik culture.

Cultural and Artistic Activities ta ‘Art Street’ event (Şekerci Sokak-Asmaaltı), street performances of master craftsmen, documentary films about 15th year professional respect were performed and talks were held with the masters. As a contribution to our city, the shops of the craftsmen in the historic bazaar have been decorated with special wooden signs and artistic plates.

This year, the reason for setting the side theme as “LIGHT IN ARCHITECTURE” is the 20th anniversary of its inclusion with UNESCO and the reason that UNESCO is declared this year as the LIGHT of the year.

This year our competition, which is the top roof of our activities to enrich our side-by- documentary and photography. The National Gold Safran Photography Contest, which has been going on for 16 years, will be on September 9, 2015 and all the captured artistic images of our main theme are waiting with impassion with our jurors.

Again, each year, without compromising on the quality of documentary films competing with each other valuable documents competition with the theme of Cultural Heritage and Protection, professional and amateur categories are waiting for participants to compete. Other information about our festival can also be accessed, except for the details of the competition, which is located at This year, our festival includes: 2 prestige exhibitions will be held besides the panels and interviews about the ‘IŞIK’ in Mimar, our side of the theme. Again, the main theme of the festival, Cultural Heritage and Protectionism to promote the incentive to be selected every year, the most well-known home appliances will be held and a special light show will be held at this time. In our festival, where special screenings of award-winning documentaries of internationally named directors will be held, we will continue our conversations and workshops with the esteemed directors during the festival. Our intensive and rigorous studies are continuing in order to realize a successful and highly participated festival. Updates about our festival will be delivered to you by press announcements. For everyone’s interest, contribution and participation, we would like to invite Safranbolu to our festivals with our sincere thanks to all our festivals that match up with our festival.

Festival Secretary

Directorate of Culture and Social Affairs
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