Altın Safran Uluslararası Belgesel Film Festivali | Belgesel Yarışması
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Documentary Film Making Support Contest

Documentary Film Making Support Contest

Application Form

CLICK HERE.  for the application form. After completing the form, sign and scan it and send it to with your project.


Contest Calender
Start Date of the Contest                 : 28.08.2020
Deadline for the application           : 20.09.2020     17.00 (TSI)

Jury Meeting Date
(Presentation of the final project)   : 25.09.2020
Notification Form                               : 25.09.2020

Award Cerenomy                               : 26.09.2020

Project Implementation Schedule

Start date : October 2020

Jury Interm Evaluation: February 2021

Submission Date of the Film to the Secretariat: 30.06.2021

Deadline for the Project :June 2021


Safranbolu Municipality Directorate of Culture and Social Affairs
Secretariat of International Golden Saffron Documentary Film Festival
Supervisor for Documentary Film Contest

Phone: 0370 712 41 14/172-174  Fax: 0370 712 36 42

Yeni Mahalle Sadri Artuç Cad. Safranbolu Belediye Başkanlığı Kat: 6



  • Only one (1) project will be determined by the Selective Committee for the award
  • Award: 16.500 tl + Golden Saffron Statuette
  • The prize money are paid after the required documents are completed and legal cuts are made
  • 50% of the award will be paid to the applicant after the submission of the project and approval of the selection committee.


1) Participation in the contest is free.

2) Contest helds for amateur, professional and documentary lovers over the age of 18, except for the members of the Festival Committee, Selective Committee, Festival Secretariat and Safranbolu Municipality. Participation is free.

3) Project files to be realized in documentary format can participate in the contest. Projects which are considered to be realized out of this genre or created to advertise, and which do not have any art concerns are not accepted.

4) Participants can apply with most 3  projects.

5) Applications must be submitted by director/ screenwriter. In the event that Projects which have multiple director/screenwriter, The applicant must be enclosed a written permission of the other directors/screenwriters to the application. In this case Award is given the applicant. Festival committee, jury and secreteriat are not responsible with sharing problems of the award.

6) The projects must be in Turkish.


  1. The Application form to apply the contest can be optained from Festival secretariat or   web site.
  2. Applications must be submitted to via e-mail.
  3. It is the responsibility of the person completing the form to be responsible for the accuracy of all information provided in the application form


  • Projects participating in the competition are evaluated by selective committee.


  • People who participate the projects during the work out of the projects participating in the competition cannot be the member of selective committee.


  • The members of the Selective Committee and the Jury Presidents are determined by the Festival Secretariat and approved by the Committee Chairman.


  • If it is necessary, Pre-selective committee members are chosen from institution members who are specialized in their field such as directors, pressmen, critics, film makers, actors, artists, academicians, delegate of TRT and the ministry of culture and tourism, professional associations,member of related cinema organizations.


  • Selective committee members are chosen from institution members who are specialized in their field such as directors, pressmen, critics, film makers, actors, artists, academicians, delegate of TRT and the ministry of culture and tourism, professional associations,member of related cinema organizations. In behalf of committee ,Festival director takes place in selection committee and does not have the right to vote as an innate member.


  • Minimum 3 (three), maximum 5(five) projects, which are eleminated by pre-selection committee, are evaluated after their presentation to selection committee. Only 1 (one) project is awarded.


  • Presentation time is 15(fifteen) minutes and it is presented before selective committee. Technical infrastructure ( computer, projection etc.) is provided by Festival secretariat.


  • Selective committee looks at the certain criteria when evaluating projects.


 Are application documents complete and orderly?

Is the project original enough?

Is the project idea technically feasible?

What isthe opinion of the director/screenwriter?

Is the project interesting as an idea?

Is the project clear and feasible?

Synopsis written in a professional way?

Is the participant’s approach text professionally written? Can the project express itself?

Does the documentary serve its purpose?

Does it conform to the theme identified?

Is ıt contain clear elements about the targets of the project Safranbolu?


The Festival Committee and the Safranbolu Municipality, which conducts the secretariat, have the right to use the Project for all kinds of demonstrations.
It may be screened in any event or channel provided that the director’s name is shared.


  1. The implementation of the award-winning project must be performed in the district of Safranbolu.
  2. The winning project owner must submit the maximum 90-second trailer of the film together with the film. English subtitles should be used in the movie.

  3. If deemed necessary, the Contest Secretariat may request additional documents / information about the director and the work.

  4. During the implementation phase, all responsibility belongs to the team that will implement the project, and all equipment to be used, accommodation, transportation, food, etc. expenses belong to the project owner.

  5. The documentary film; must be at least 15 to 52 minutes along with the credits.
  6. During the participation of our secretariat to the interim and final meetings of the selection committee by invitation, the project owner (maximum 2 persons) accommodation, transportation, meals, etc. expenses will be covered by the Festival Committee. The awarded project owner will not be able to make any external requests from Safranbolu Municipality and the Festival Secretariat

  7. The Project owner and selective committee will meet at least once, during implementation of project. Opinions of the selective committee should be considered.
  8. Documentary film must have English subtitle.